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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

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TC Nevada, LLC dba TLC Luxury Transportation holds the safety of their passengers in the highest regard. The following policies and procedures were created to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. By reading below, passengers should feel comfortable and safe when entering a TLC Luxury Las Vegas charter bus.

Charter Bus Driver Policies

All TLC Luxury employees operating a Las Vegas charter bus are issued reusable face-masks and disposable gloves. TLC Luxury drivers are required to wear protective gear in addition to their standard uniform when operating any bus rental. Additionally, TLC Luxury drivers are trained to properly wash their hands frequently throughout the day. Lastly, all TLC Luxury drivers MUST agree to have their temperature taken as soon as they report for work to ensure they are not experiencing symptoms before going out on the road. Employees are instructed to report to their manager in the event they are experiencing any symptoms relating to COVID-19 to be sent home immediately.

Las Vegas Social Distancing Guidelines

Per the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA), all charter bus rental companies must practice standard social distancing guidelines laid out by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) and Governor Sisolak’s office. Therefore, all charter bus drivers must maintain a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and their passengers unless someone needs assistance entering or exiting the vehicle. Additionally, the first row of seats of each vehicle will not be available to help ensure distance is kept between the driver and their passengers. Furthermore, the Governor’s roadmap to recovery for Nevada also indicates their shall be no more than 50% occupancy on any charter bus, tour bus, or mini bus rental; this has been confirmed by the NTA.

Charter Bus Disinfecting Procedures

It’s important knowing you are safe when entering your charter bus rental. For this reason, TLC Luxury has multiple disinfecting procedures performed every night before a charter and every day during a charter. 

At night, trained TLC Luxury employees disinfect each vehicle with a UV-C hand held light approved to kill the coronavirus. TLC Luxury chose this method over the popular CURIS Fogger solution because it is actually tested and approved to kill the coronavirus and is frequently used in hospitals to sanitize high-risk surface. As stated earlier, the CURIS Fogger solution is a very popular method but it is not actually approved and tested to kill this isidious virus. TLC Luxury prefers to deal with absolutes when dealing with the safety of passengers.

During the day, passengers can request a plastic seat cover, which they can put over the seat themselves. TLC Luxury offers these seat covers to comfort passengers knowing they’re seat meets antiseptic requirements. Additionally, TLC Luxury drivers are trained and equipped to disinfect all seats and commonly touched surfaces each time passengers are dropped off. 

TLC Luxury uses Quaternary Ammonium (EPA #1839-168) as its disinfecting solution because it’s very easy to use. Essentially, the driver uses a mister spray bottle to apply the solution to any surface (including cloth seats) and lets it sit for 10 minutes. Once applied and untouched for over 10 minutes, the surface disinfected and safe to use for the next group to enter their charter bus rental. The Quaternary Ammonium disinfecting solution is perfect for any as directed, wait & return, and/or airport transfer charter. Remember, the charter bus driver will need approximately 15 minutes every single time they drop off a group; this is important to remember when operating a shuttle.

Keeping Las Vegas Safe

Hand sanitizer is available for passengers to use each time they enter or exit their Las Vegas charter bus. Additionally, all restrooms will be unavailable due to the high amount of plastic and commonly touched surfaces. Food and beverages are welcomed to be stored on the vehicle, but TLC Luxury asks all passengers to refrain from eating or drinking anything other than water on all tour buses and mini bus rentals. TLC Luxury highly recommends all groups practice social distancing guidelines not only to protect themselves, but to also protect others around them. Using face-masks and hand sanitizer does not guarantee one will not catch COVID-19, but it certainly gives us the best chance to beat this virus.


It is the goal of TC Nevada, LLC dba TLC Luxury Transportation (CPCN 2201/DOT 2587664) to reduce the spread of COVID-19. TLC Luxury cannot and will not guarantee non-contamination of COVID-19 on their vehicles.

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